What does ‘Homer’ mean?

The Wordle trend has been ongoing for months and it shows no signs of slowing down as each day people across the world try and guess the five letter word.

Recently the game was bought by the New York times, carrying on the daily word game with some days revealing simple words

Homer can have many definitions for each people. Some immediately picture Greek literature, others a tradesman doing out of hours jobs in your home.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definitions of ‘homer’ are: “a home run  have time to run all the way around the four corners 

A job that a tradesman does for a private customer in the customer's home, 

Dictionary.com also draws reference to the Homing Pigeon, a pigeon that is trained to fly home from a great distance and bred for long-distance racing.

And not to forget, Homer Simpson from the beloved cartoon.

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