Dallas Mavericks 'still very alive' in series vs. Phoenix Suns, Nick Wright says

FS1's Nick Wright was slammed by Suns and NBA fans for a couple of his takes on the Phoenix vs. Dallas Mavericks series after Game 1.

First Things First, the sports TV personality said that the Dallas Mavericks were still very alive in their series against the Suns, despite being down 2-0 in the series.

"I thought you were going to offer me a legitimate olive branch and I was going to maybe take it," Wright said after Chris Broussard said he would allow Wright 

"Because I've got to tell you, the Suns look pretty good and I'm not sure the Mavs are going to be able to fix this defense in the next 48 hours."

The Mavs are in a rough spot. Luka's (Doncic) one weakness as a player is he is not a great defensive player

They are in a rough spot because the Mavs right now have one way to score and it is Luka because Jalen Brunson has yet to show up in the series. It's exhausting.

He's not naturally a great defender to begin with and Chris Paul, because he is as smart of a basketball player as we've ever had this side of LeBron James, 

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