The Third Splash Brother Has Arrived

So, last week, we tackled the sudden late-season resurgence of Klay Thompson, and what it potentially meant for him and the Warriors getting back to the promised land.

But since then, both Thompson and even two-time MVP Stephen Curry have been outshined at times by third-year guard Jordan Poole, 

And the Warriors, in large part due to Poole’s dominance, are comfortably up 2–0 in the matchup so far.

If the Dubs end up back in the winner’s circle at the end of this season after a four-year absence, we’ll end up rightfully declaring that there’s a third Splash Brother, 

And while no one would be misguided enough to compare this group’s dominance to that of the run with Kevin Durant, there are key, favorable differences here in some cases

Poole, a fantastic passer and shooter, is still on a rookie deal rather than a max one (though he’s eligible for an extension this summer). 

He also has one of Curry’s best tendencies in the sense that he moves extremely well without the ball, leaving defenses uneasy and confused about where he’ll be on the court at any given moment.

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