No one is safe from Draymond Green’s wrath after Warriors win another NBA title

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green clearly believes one of the best parts of winning a championship is running back to the haters and doubters to tell them how wrong they were.

The Dubs forward has been on quite an “I told you so” tour since the Warriors took home their fourth championship in eight years on Thursday, beating the Boston Celtics 103-90 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. 

It began with a hit at a tweet Boston forward Jaylen Brown made back at the end of January. Brown posted “The energy is about to shift” after the Celtics beat the Miami Heat convincingly to snap a cold streak the team was on — this win would also kick off the team’s shift from Eastern Conference bottom-dwellers to championship contenders. Green, petty as ever, simply tweeted out “The Energy Shifted 4X” at 8:59 a.m.

His next comment came in a tweet posted seven minutes later, where he quote-tweeted an ESPN post mentioning his all-black outfit, which he said “It was for a funeral.”

Two minutes after that was posted, he quote-tweeted another ESPN post about the heckles he received prior to the clinching Game 6 victory with “Yeah they should’ve ignored me today. Can’t give me the same look.”

Green then paused the I-told-you-so’s to go with a more don’t-speak-on-my-name approach towards professional hater Skip Bayless, who he took exception of for misinterpreting a quote he made on his podcast. Despite evidence showing otherwise, Green reinforced the idea that he is part of a new breed of media. 

He then returned to his approach of mocking old tweets. First it began with Kevin Durant. Green did this in an indirect way by repeating a tweet Durant made after the Warriors’ Game 1 loss in the NBA Finals, in which the Nets forward posted “High level of basketball being displayed gentlemen.” Green posted a similar version of that post, “Extremely high level of basketball was displayed.”

He then dunked on misogynist crybaby Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. “Hold dat L sucka,” he responded after Portnoy had called Green a “jerkface” and the P-word.

Green’s antics continued offline as well, as he was seen sporting a personally edited version of the Celtics’ rally shirts with the idiotic slogan “It’s all about 18.” The original shirt features a blank rectangle to symbolize where Boston’s 18th championship banner would go. Green’s was filled in with “Warriors,” an arrow pointing to the empty box and the message “NOPE!! Maybe in ‘23”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be deleting some old tweets about Draymond I made during Game 3.

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