Warriors Turn Back the Clock In NBA Playoffs

The Warriors secured a 3–0 lead in its Round 1 matchup against the Nuggets on Thursday night, potentially sealing the series with a 118–113 victory.

The win featured all the hallmarks of the last decade of Golden State basketball, including six Klay Thompson threes, a brilliant performance from Draymond Green

The more things change in the Bay, the more they seem to stay the same.

“These guys have been around the block a few times,” Kerr said postgame. “They’re not fazed by this stuff.”

We should take a minute to appreciate what we’re seeing as the Warriors return to championship contender status. Kevin Durant now plays on a different coast.

Thompson didn’t play a single NBA minute from June 2019 to Jan. 2022. Steph Curry missed 104 games over the last three years and, entering the 2021–22 season, 

There is one major difference for Golden State as the franchise chases another championship. The Splash Brothers have become the Splash Triplets over the last week, 

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