Urgent WhatsApp warning: what is 2022 app scam, verified ticks explained - how to spot fake Support accounts

Users of WhatsApp have been urgently warned to be on the lookout for a new form of scam communication.

 WhatsApp, and recently we’ve even seen some claiming to be offering free Easter chocolate baskets to consumers.

Users are now being cautioned that scammers posing as WhatsApp Support may attempt to dupe you into passing over personal information.

Posing as WhatsApp Support, the scammers may ask for your six-digit verification code, which would grant them access to your account.

They could also request your credit card information, telling you that without it you may be locked out of your account.

The scammers’ profile photos may appear to be authentic and verified, as they contain one of WhatsApp’s green ‘verified’ ticks.

When you’re communicating with a verified contact, the verified badge appears next to their name and chat information in the conversation screen.

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