The Top 5 Plays from Game 3 Between the Celtics and Nets

From Daniel Theis' thunderous throwdown to Derrick White's touchdown pass to Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown turning a steal into a two-handed flush at the other end,

Losing Patty Mills on a step-back jumper, here are the top five plays from Game 3 between the Celtics and Nets.

The Nets are in a zone defense that initially kept the Celtics from getting in a rhythm offensively.

 But in the play above, when Jayson Tatum drives, Andre Drummond is solely focused on preventing him from getting to the rim.

He's not aware of where Daniel Theis is, and he pays for that as Tatum threads a bounce pass between Drummond and Bruce Brown to Theis, 

It starts with a missed three by Bruce Brown and the Celtics keeping the Nets off the glass.

After Tatum contests the shot, he leaks out, and when Derrick White secures the board, he immediately looks up the floor and delivers a perfect pass that hits Tatum in stride.

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