Taylor Hawkins’ suffered ‘cardiovascular collapse’ after taking ‘cocktail of drugs’

Written by sidhanta

Forensic experts are said to have discovered it weighed “at least 600 grams” during an autopsy following his shock death on Friday at a luxury hotel in the north of the Colombian capital Bogota.

Investigators have concluded the 50-year-old suffered cardiovascular collapse after binging on a cocktail of drugs, respected Colombian news magazine Semana reported.

It also said authorities had confirmed to them the famed musician had overdosed on heroin mixed with antidepressants and benzodiazepines which are psychoactive drugs known as benzos.

Colombia’s Attorney General’s office has already confirmed an initial autopsy carried out on Saturday revealed traces of 10 different drugs in Hawkins’ urine, including opioids which can range from heroin to fentanyl and morphine.

It also revealed in a statement marihuana and antidepressants were detected.

The federal government department did not mention cocaine in its post-autopsy statement, although earlier unconfirmed reports pointed to a “white cocaine-like powder”

The alarm was raised on Friday night when the drummer complained of chest pains ahead of his band’s headline performance at the Estereo Picnic Festival in Bogota.

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