Steph Curry Shares Thoughts on Luka's Shimmy 

When asked about the shimmy that Luka Doncic broke out during Game 3, Steph Curry initially had not yet seen it.

The superstar point guard has made the dance celebration a calling card of his, and recently had it imitated by Luka in Game 3.

When asked after the game about Luka's shimmy, Steph said, "I didn't see it

I gotta go look. I'll do some homework and get back to you on that one." He kept his word, and shared his critique on Monday.

"That's phenomenal, A+. He could've did it a little longer, though. That's my only critique, you gotta hold it," Steph said.

Unlike last series, where there was frequent contention on the court between the Grizzlies and Warriors that was often inflamed off the court,

The lack of competition has likely played a role in that, as Golden State is on the verge of a sweep; however, the banter has been minimal,