Protestor glues hand to the court during NBA game

A woman made her way onto the Minnesota Timberwolves home court Tuesday night and attempted to glue her hand to the floor — to protest Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor’s factory egg farm.

The woman, Alicia Santurio, walked onto the court during the second quarter of the game and tried to glue herself to the floor under the basket,

In a statement to ABC4, a spokesperson from DxE said, “Unfortunately, the superglue didn’t stick well enough to the floor, and Alicia was ripped off the floor by security.”

The protest was allegedly an attempt to bring awareness to a ‘mass killing’ that DxE claims happened at an Iowa farm owned by Taylor.

“There’s no symbolic thing going on, more of a means to create enough of a disturbance that will be notable and people will talk about in creating buzz,” said DxE press coordinator Matt Johnson.

The Timberwolves issued a statement Tuesday night on Twitter regarding the incident saying:

“A fan disruption occurred during the second quarter of tonight’s game. We are in touch with Target Center Security to address the incident.”

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