Player grades: Warriors vs. Grizzlies

Written by sidhanta

The Golden State Warriors lost to the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night. Given that the Dubs were resting Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Otto Porter Jr.

But they did not just lose. They got their asses kicked 123-95, and that’s a much more difficult pill to swallow, in addition to being a total waste of two and a half hours of your time.

You probably shouldn’t waste any more time reading about the game, but I have a job to do. So let’s break out the red pen and see how the players did, weighting for our expectations of each.

Kuminga’s efficiency has really fallen off in the last few games — he, like everyone else, is clearly ready for Curry to return to the court. 

That said, he was far from the biggest problem in this game for the Warriors.

We saw some growth with regards to playmaking and defense in this contest, but most impressive was Kuminga playing a full 35 minutes without fouling. 

Also, props to him for attacking the rim ... he and Jordan Poole combined for 18 of the team’s 26 free throws.

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