North Carolina’s win over Duke in the men’s Final Four was an instant classic

Written by sidhanta

Duke and North Carolina’s first-ever matchup in the men’s NCAA tournament was always going to be historic. 

The fact that we finally got it in the Final Four and during Mike Krzyzewski’s final year before retirement made it perhaps one of the most anticipated games in the history of the sport.

With UNC as a No. 8 seed and Duke struggling entering March, this matchup simply felt too good to be true.

It should have been impossible for this game to live up to such an immense level of hype, but somehow it did that, too.

The Tar Heels will now face Kansas for the national championship. The Jayhawks defeated Villanova, 81-65, in the other semifinal.

This was truly one of the best games you will ever see. Coach K’s career ends with a loss to his archrival.

The final minutes of this game were absolutely incredible. Trevor Keels hit a three-pointer to give Duke a one-point lead with just over two minutes left. 

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