MLB Prospect Watch: What's causing teams to trade first-round picks?

Written by sidhanta

A strange trend has popped up across Major League Baseball since the owner-imposed lockout was lifted last week.  

For a reference point on how odd that is, consider how only one first-round pick from the 2020 draft has been traded since they were selected  

What, then, is causing teams to bid adieu to their latest top draft picks just eight months after choosing them? 

"Because it's allowed now," one National League talent evaluator joked to CBS Sports.  

Teams still traded their picked players, they just had to get creative about it by using the "player to be named later designation," 

The lockout concentrating so much trade activity into a short amount of time also increased the likelihood of a pattern emerging, be it an imagined one or otherwise. 

The evaluator did offer a more serious explanation later on, saying that trading a recent draft pick allows the buying team to keep its prospects 

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