Martyn Ford wants a “perfect” fight with Thor Bjornson after Iran’s Hulk’s “Chaban Drama”

Martin Ford wants to fight Thor Bjornson to move beyond his ferocious and unlucky clash with the Hulk in Iran.

Ford was planning to meet Iran Hulk (real name Sajadgaribi) on his boxing debut, but the event was Canceled in a hurry Concerns about his rival’s “mental well-being”.

The British star is now facing an uncertain future, but with his fans, still wants to look like a maiden We propose fellow strongman Thor Bjornson as an ideal alternative.

Bjornson recently defeated his fierce rival Eddie Hall. Ford believes that the fight between himself and the Icelandic star could surpass the conference in Dubai. 

“For me in Dubai, when I saw the fight between Eddie and Thor, I thought Thor was successful,” Ford said. Mirror fighting

“It was advertised there, 100% I want to fight Thor. If we’re going to put it out there, give me another person I want to fight against directly in the same size ..

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