Many LG phones are unusable on T-Mobile due to ‘LG IMS’ issues, here’s a potential fix

LG may have exited the smartphone market, but that doesn’t mean that current LG handset owners have switched to other brands right away.

 LG still offers a generous update policy to those who own a smartphone from the manufacturer, so things could have been much worse. 

 However, unfortunate T-Mobile subscribers who own an LG handset are currently left with nonfunctional phones, 

 Luckily, there is a fix that works for many people, and T-Mobile and LG are already looking into the problem.

What does the ‘LG IMS has stopped’ message mean As spotted by The T-Mo Report on Reddit, the issue is affecting a variety of LG phones on T-Mobile.

The “LG IMS has stopped” message has started showing up overnight for many, and it keeps popping up even when people dismiss it. 

This makes LG phones on T-Mobile essentially useless, with owners only having seconds to complete actions until the message pops up again.

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