Keeler: Smashville is toast. Cale Makar is the jam. If Avalanche “keep working,” Predators will need help from hockey gods to prevent sweep.

Nashville chucked everything at the Avalanche late Thursday night at Ball Arena but Keith Urban’s guitar. 

Connor Ingram standing on his absolute, mother-lovin’ head? Wasn’t enough.

“For us, it’s just keep working,” Makar said after firing 12 shots on goal, including the game-winner in overtime, to help power the Avs to a 2-1 overtime victory, 

“We felt like we were on them the whole third period. And, eventually, most of the time, the hockey gods are going to reward you for that hard work.”

Most of the time. If Game 1 was an exhibition in speed and style, Game 2 was a cocktail of pure ugly and a chaser of unadulterated grit.

Which might’ve been even more impressive, in hindsight, than the seven goals the Avs dropped on the Preds this past Tuesday night.

When Smashville dared the NHL’s prettiest team to wrestle in the mud, the Avs threw on a singlet and got after it. 

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