Is Kevin Samuels Dead? Friends, Family, Media Outlets Confirm News

The rumor originated with unsourced social media posts, so many people weren’t sure whether it was factual.

While many people were skeptical about this news, it is true that Samuels died. The news was first reported by @BeBlackNoChaser on the afternoon of May 5:

Melanie King, a Canadian actress and friend of Samuels, posted photographs of Samuels to her Instagram page,

Samuels to her Instagram page, along with a message saying that she was in “shock” from the reports. King also appeared on F.C. 

The Truth’s YouTube channel and said the news of his death was “100%” true and that she had supposedly received confirmation from Samuels’ family:

 Lewis said police told him that officials performed CPR on Samuels but he was unresponsive.

 According to Lewis, police were called to an apartment building at an unspecified time on May 5 after Samuels supposedly experienced “chest pain.”