Irish trainers on course for another greenwash at Cheltenham Festival 

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Rivalry between Britain and Ireland is a friendly one but there will be knock-on effects if the visitors dominate again

If any British racing fans had convinced themselves last year’s Cheltenham Festival was an aberration, that this year’s meeting might see British horses summoning up at least a little more resistance to their opponents from Ireland

On paper, it was one of the most tightly handicapped fields of the season: 21 runners from Britain against a sole challenger from Ireland

Even a decade ago, Ireland’s romp through the 2021 Festival was unthinkable. It was all but unthinkable as they went to the start for the opening race 12 months ago.

Paddy Power, never a firm to shy away from a patriotic price or two, chalked up “20 or more” at 9-1 and went no further than that.

The final result, 23-5, was a rugby score – if the match in question was Ireland v Italy. In hindsight, though, it was only the scale of Ireland’s superiority that came as any real surprise.  

Britain’s jump-racing industry is much bigger and richer than Ireland’s in terms of horse population, total prize money and the number of races during the season. 

QB Mitchell Trubisky says he plans to sign two-year deal 

QB Mitchell Trubisky says he plans to sign two-year deal