In Cleveland, Some Fans Are Guardians Only of the Past

Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team for most of his 52 years, conducted an informal poll on Friday while he waited to meet friends at the Cleveland Guardians’ first home game of the season.

Boldin counted the team names on the jerseys of fellow Cleveland fans as they wandered around downtown.

 He tallied 38 shirts that featured the word “Indians” for the team’s old nickname, before he saw even one with the team’s new name, Guardians. 

Boldin’s views represent a large swath of Cleveland fans, many of whom vehemently opposed the team’s decision in 2020 to change its name after 107 years.

The decision came after decades of protest by Native American groups and others, who argue the old name was racist.

Friday was the first home game for the rebranded Cleveland Guardians, a new name chosen, in part, to capture a historic, 

Cleveland-centric theme reflected by the Guardians of Traffic statues on the Hope Memorial Bridge near Progressive Field, where the team plays. 

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