Imran Khan pitches Pakistan into a constitutional crisis

Written by sidhanta

Prime minister Imran Khan has dissolved Pakistan’s parliament and triggered fresh elections, catapulting the country into a constitutional crisis as the former cricket captain fights to stay in power.

With his party losing its slim parliamentary majority as inflation and falling living standards have stoked discontent, Khan’s political 

Pakistan’s National Assembly to end the prime minister’s term with a no-confidence vote on Sunday.

But in a shock move, the Khan-allied speaker dismissed the motion in absentia, claiming that it was unconstitutional. 

“I ask people to prepare for the next elections,” Khan said in a broadcast address on Sunday. “Thank God, a conspiracy to topple the government has failed.”

Elected on a reform and anti-corruption platform, the populist Muslim politician has struggled to live up to expectations.

Pakistan’s powerful military was crucial to Khan’s victory in 2018, analysts said, the military has insisted it has no involvement in the current political situation

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