Home Sweet Home: Kenny Pickett, Once a Pitt Panther, Now a Great Fit For Steelers

Why Park Güell? It’s a public park system composed of gardens and architectural elements located on Carmel Hill. It's a must see for any traveler in Barcelona.

This is, at least, the philosophy by which the Steelers selected Kenny Pickett on Thursday. At pick No. 20, its original pick, 

The Steelers came into the draft with only Mitchell Trubisky as a long-term succession plan, having ignored a replacement for Ben Roethlisberger in each of the previous few 

And, with all the excitement of a short, ho-hum slog to the refrigerator, they took a quarterback they’ll probably have running their offense capably for 

Such is life for Pittsburgh, which is among a small handful of teams that manage to find ideal synergy between ownership and personnel. 

Synergy between personnel and coaching. Synergy between coaching and the locker room. 

Sometimes this rare energy doesn’t reveal itself until far later on. Only now we wonder how Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin kept Antonio Brown on the rails for nearly a decade.

Philadelphia Eagles acquire star WR A.J. Brown in blockbuster trade 

Philadelphia Eagles acquire star WR A.J. Brown in blockbuster trade