Google Doodle Celebrates Rosa Bonheur: Who is She and Why Today?

Written by sidhanta

Google Doodles often change the classic Google logo to incorporate a historical figure or special occasion relating to a specific date.  

The Google image for Wednesday, March 16 features a woman sitting in a field painting sheep while the Google logo is subtly spelled out by clouds in the background. 

The woman displayed is supposed to be Bonheur, who is known for her work as an animal painter and sculptor 

Google describes Bonheur as an inspirational figure whose "successful career inspired a future generation of women in the arts." 

Her father was a minor landscape painter who supposedly facilitated Bonheur's artistic education. 

During her life, Bonheur was openly lesbian and lived with her partner Nathalie Micas for over 40 years until her death. 

In 1895 at the age of 73, Bonheur began a relationship with American painter Anna Elizabeth Klumpke who was 34 years her junior. 

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