‘Fortnite’ Chapter 3, Season 2 Trailer Has A Shocking New Item

Written by sidhanta

Fortnite’s new season is called ‘Resistance’ which is quite timely given the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. 

In fact, Epic Games announced that it would be donating all Fortnite proceeds to humanitarian relief in Ukraine for the next two weeks. 

On a lighter note, the new trailer is pretty exciting. We see tanks, zeppelins, possibly planes, and the long-anticipated Battle Buses. 

Doctor Strange joins the colorful cast of Battle Pass characters, as does Miles Morales’s uncle, Prowler, who is seemingly the season’s ‘secret’ skin. 

At the time of this writing, the game’s servers are still down, but pretty soon those should come back online and Chapter 3, Season 2 will commence. 

Expect a new Battle Pass, fresh challenges, some big map changes and all the fun stuff we just watched in that trailer. 

What really struck me about this trailer, however, was Dr. Sloan’s mysterious new device that wiped out all the builds across the map.

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