Eatman: Tyler Smith Could Be A "Now & Later" Pick

Maybe it's a "need" pick. Or a "best player available" pick. Maybe it's a pick for now or a pick for later.

In this rare case of the 2022 NFL Draft that was a crazy as we all expected it to be, the Cowboys drafted Tyler Smith from Tulsa in a move that might actually hit all of those categories, 

It's a need pick for sure – the Cowboys have issues on the offensive line and Smith could come in and start immediately at left guard.

What about best available player? From what I've gathered, he was the second-highest player on their board, only behind a safety and we all know the Cowboys

What about a pick for the now? Yeah, like I said, Smith is expected to come right in and play at guard, giving them some needed size and strength in the middle.

And then what about the later? Yeah, that too. Because not only will he play guard now, but Smith could eventually slide back out to left tackle, perhaps even replacing Tyron Smith at some point.

We've seen that move before, even here in Dallas. Way back in 1998, the Cowboys took Flozell Adams and played him at guard before he moved to left tackle. 

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