Dodgers First Baseman Freddie Freeman Is Exactly Where He Belongs

The first home run of the rest of Freddie Freeman’s career came against the only team he had ever known until this year, and against the friends who moved him to tears upon seeing them before the game.

Freeman had not seen most of his World Series champion Braves teammates since their victory parade.

Braves saw an opening to get the next Freeman (most likely both), he emphatically turned the page by swatting his first homer as a Dodger in his first at bat against his former team.

Dodgers teammate Trea Turner had joked with Freeman before the game that he had waited until the team’s 10th game to go yard because that would be his first against the only organization

Turner was prophetic, but Freeman wasn’t buying the only-in-Hollywood story line on an emotional night for him.

“Being able to see them again,” Freeman said about his friends and former teammates. “That is the storyline for me.”

There is another side to the coin that helps explain why Freeman’s second act of his career will happen as a Dodger.

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