Could Imola again provide intra-team F1 fireworks?

With the jet lag from Australia now firmly worn off, Formula 1 teams are busy preparing for the first sprint race of the year on the classic layout of Imola.

After missing out on the dramas of Formula 1 for 14 years, Emilia-Romagna’s rolling yet precise and unforgiving circuit will provide its third grand prix in 18 months and,

 prix in 18 months and, as it reminded us last year, it can be the host of discord between well-connected competitors.

Team-mates often attempt to combine forces in the early part of a season, especially when new technical rules shift the sand

shift the sand and working together creates more opportunity for the team to move forward.

But Imola regularly turns up on the calendar at a key phase when the initial results are showing who’s strong, 

initial results are showing who’s strong, and drivers realise that beating a team-mate could be the answer to winning the title.

Tyson Fury is rightly wary but Dillian Whyte’s win would be a seismic