Christians and Jews share prayers of peace as they mark Good Friday and Passover on the same day

As Christians across the planet mark April 15 as Good Friday, Jews will be participating in the beginning of Passover. 

In fact, it is only the third time this century that two of the holiest days on the Christian and Jewish calendars share the same date.

“For my brothers and sisters in the in Jewish community celebrating Passover, we wish joyous and meaningful celebrations for those celebrating Good Friday and Easter,” 

“There are moments where there’s a gorgeous sunset and you say, ‘Wow, God, that’s amazing.' 

Then there are moments when you look at the war in Ukraine and you think, ‘Is there a God? Is God paying attention?’ 

And that whole journey takes place on Good Friday,” said Rev. Dr. Duane Anders, pastor at the Cathedral of the Rockies in Boise.

Anders and Fink visit with Morning Edition host George Prentice to share their reflections on history, connections, and, above all, matters of faith.

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