Brooklyn shooting: at least 13 injured at New York subway station

Written by sidhanta

Thirteen people were injured following a shooting on a subway platform in New York City on Tuesday morning, authorities said, adding that “several undetonated devices” were found.

A suspect, described as a Black man wearing a gas mask and an orange construction mask, fled the scene, authorities said.

A New York fire department (NYFD) spokesperson told the Guardian that at about 8.30am, firefighters responded to a report of smoke coming from the D, N and R lines

Firefighters arrived to find multiple people shot and “several undetonated devices”.

The spokesperson said 13 people had been injured but stopped short of saying exactly how many had been shot.

A spokesperson for the New York police department (NYPD) confirmed that multiple people were shot but could not say exactly how many or their condition.

Officers were searching for the suspect, the police spokesperson said. The suspect was about 5ft 5in and about 180lb, the spokesperson said.

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