Inside Elvis And Priscilla Presley’s Relationship

The relationship between Priscilla and Elvis Presley wasn’t without its challenges, the biggest of which was infidelity. Word on the street was that Elvis took a strong liking to a number of actresses, amongst them Anita Wood. The timeline of Elvis’ relationship with Wood is sketchy, as is his whole¬†dating history, but at some point, he had to make a choice between the two women (via Express). In a leaked 1960 telephone conversation between Elvis and Wood, Wood asks, “Do you have a girlfriend out there? … I mean, do you have a special one? I know you have several,” to which he replies, “I don’t have any.”

When Priscilla’s move to Memphis got off to a rocky start, Elvis met Natalie Wood, whose sister Lana told Closer Weekly was awestruck by the “Flaming Star” actor’s way of life. The pair got together with the help of Natalie’s “Rebel Without a Cause” co-star, Dennis Hopper. Then 18 years old, the finer details of Natalie’s life with Elvis are similar in script to Priscilla’s. He’d book an entire movie theatre for the two of them. “That’s not what she was used to,” said Lana, adding that Elvis gave her the nickname “Mad Nat” for how angry she got.

Ann Margret shared a special relationship with Elvis, one that she’s kept tight-lipped about. “It was extremely special. It was very strong … Our relationship was very strong and very serious and very real. We were together for one year, and he trusted me. And I do not want to betray his trust even in death,” she said in a 1994 interview with Charlie Rose.

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