Fall Guys Servers Experiencing Issues As It Goes Free-to-Play

Mediatonic moves Fall Guys to a free-to-play model at the same time as the game launches on Nintendo Switch and Xbox, which causes server issues.

Mediatonic released Fall Guys back in 2020 and the obstacle course game blew up in popularity upon its launch on PC and PS4 before fizzling out of the spotlight after a few seasons. Now that Fall Guys has become free-to-play, it seems like the attention may have returned to the Mediatonic title as its servers are currently experiencing issues.

Developers at Mediatonic have already apologized to gamers trying to play Fall Guys on its free-to-play launch day that coincides with its Nintendo Switch and Xbox debut. PC players have been able to play Fall Guys since its initial release, while PlayStation fans received the Mediatonic game as a PlayStation Plus reward around the same time. Now that Fall Guys has gone free-to-play, the game has been removed from sale on Steam and added to the Epic Games Store for the first time just over a year after Epic Games acquired Mediatonic.


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Although the first announcement that Fall Guys servers were experiencing issues happened several hours ago, Mediatonic gave another update around 8:00 AM PT confirming that servers were still overwhelmed. The developer stated the server issue came from an unfortunately spilled cake with questionably dry frosting and ants that made things worse, but the likely reality is Fall Guys experiencing a massive influx of players or has some back-end issues caused by the swap to free-to-play. Some players reported success in accessing Fall Guys custom lobbies, but Mediatonic has also temporarily disabled the feature to fix more issues.

Mediatonic last updated Fall Guys fans about the offline servers at 9:30 AM PT, and it’s currently unclear when players will be able to access the colorful battle royale. Crossplay was introduced to Fall Guys’ move to free-to-play so once the servers return, players will be able to group up with friends from other consoles to decide who can get the most crowns. Though the crossplay feature may have added stress to the servers, Mediatonic has added a Legacy Pack that includes free cosmetics for returning players upon being able to log in to Fall Guys.

Responding to Mediatonic’s announcement of server issues, many Fall Guys fans shared screenshots of their error screens and frustration about how long it’s taking to resolve the server issue. A few Fall Guys fans noted that they were able to play a few rounds of the Mediatonic game this morning before the servers went offline, while others have stated the inability to play Fall Guys has driven them to other games like Roblox and Fortnite. Although some Fall Guys fans have lamented how long the server issue is taking to resolve, Mediatonic will likely keep players updated as to when it goes back online.

Fall Guys is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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