Draymond Green on Barstool Dave Portnoy, NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors are the 2022 NBA Finals champions, and they couldn’t have done it without Draymond Green’s determination and leadership. Green, who now has four rings to his name, had tons of motivation throughout the series, especially when he was struggling.

His team had his back the entire time. And, he fed off of the negativity from Boston Celtics fans, who heckled him and chanted “F— you Draymond” in Game 3. Green didn’t forget any of this and let it fuel his desire to win.

Another huge contributor to the Draymond slander is Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports. The Celtics fan is very active on Twitter vocalizing his dislike towards Green. He even made multiple shirts bashing the Warriors and Green particularly, wearing one while heckling Green courtside at Game 3.

With all of this fuel added to the fire, Green made sure to circle back to those who doubted him after it was all over. While dousing themselves in celebratory champagne, the Warriors mocked the Celtics fans bashing him in Game 3. Then, Green took to Twitter to handle his beef with Portnoy.

He went back to Portnoy’s tweet following the Warriors’ Game 3 loss and shoved the Celtics’ loss in his face.

Of course, Green couldn’t have possibly expected to get the last word. Portnoy replied less than a half hour later.

“We’re onto Cincinnati,” Portnoy tweeted, referencing Bill Belichick’s press conference from 2014.

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